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Tips on Expert Kitchen Design

Expert Kitchen Design

  1. If it is an open concept kitchen you desire consider the space adjacent to the kitchen. You want your colours and finishes to flow from one area to the next. Choose items that compliment the entire space.
  2. Simple design for kitchen cabinetry will stay relevant for a long time. Decorative detail can become dated and is more costly.
  3. Avoid trying to save on flooring. If renovating make sure floors are level and use durable, good quality product such as wood or porcelain. Consider heated floors.
  4. Research out new technologies, materials and finishes to something you like.
  5. When kitchen remodelling or re configuring consider closing in a window or doorway. This is something that will pay off in the overall design and is relatively inexpensive. Same goes for moving a doorway or creating a window.
  6. Most bulkheads can be removed to allow for extended cabinet or shelving space. If bulkheads or other fixed obstacles have to stay they should be painted the same colour as the walls so they blend in.
  7. Go for good quality appliances if possible. These are the hardworking items in your kitchen. They have to be right.
  8. Quartz is an alternative to granite countertops. Because it is manmade and a composite it is stronger and no sealing is required.
  9. To add to your wow factor consider the smaller details such as handles and knobs.
  10. If somehow you find you have some money left over consider splurging on light fixtures, maybe a chandelier or something vintage.

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