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10 Kitchen Cabinetry Ideas – Cabinets That Store More

Clever Kitchen Cabinet Idea

  1. Window seats can provide an opportunity to implement storage.Deep drawers beneath a window seat gives extra storage.
  2. Use larger upper cabinets or a row of small cabinets on top for storage of less frequently used items, such as serving platters. If you have some pretty pieces these upper cabinets could be glass and illuminated.
  3. Swing out units such as a Magic Corner will bring your items into full view.Shelves within the  unit organize cooking gear. Store your spices in a pull out Spice Rack or a slanted spice drawer. This keeps your spices organized and visible.
  4. A pull out pantry incorporated into your kitchen cabinetry accommodates small boxes and packages as well as ingredients and cooking staples at your fingertips.
  5. Roll out shelving  especially in a pantry cabinet brings your items out within easy reach.
  6. Corner cabinets are a great opportunity for a Super Susan. A carousel that  accommodates more heavy items like pots or pans and bakeware. There are two levels of storage.
  7. Contrasting kitchen cabinetry is still popular. Alabaster maple on main cabinets and Sienna cherry on the island, or a darker tone on lower cabinets and a light colour on the uppers. Mix finishes for a unique look. If different colours of cabinetry does not appeal to you than think about different granite or quartz countertops if you have an island.
  8. Framed kitchen cabinetry is coming back into favour for those that might want a more vintage look. Exposed hinges on the framed cabinetry gives a real traditional appearance.
  9. Wood species such as maple and cherry are still popular for more traditional looks. High gloss finishes flat door panels and eco wood species like bamboo are more contemporary. Painted finishes on wood or mdf are also an option.
  10. Whatever kitchen cabinetry you choose ,the most important thing to keep in mind is quality. Don’t be tempted by inexpensive cabinetry that looks cool but won’t stand the test of time. Your kitchen remodel is an investment. Always think resale value as opposed to what is trendy now. Find a cabinet manufacturer that offers a good solid waranty program.

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