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10 Home Improvement Tips

  1. When doing a home improvement keep resale value in mind as opposed to your own personal expression. Make smart choices that would appeal to potential buyers when it is time to sell your home.
  2. Be honest with the budget when planning your renovation. You want to make sure your contractor uses higher quality materials so you get more value for your money.Lesser quality will translate into less resale value.
  3. If this is a major home remodel it is best to hire a professional. Architects plans will cost money as will a general contractor but there may be zoning, environmental issues or permits that are required. Also licensed trades such as electrical may be required. In Ontario a homeowner can be fined if a licensed electrician has not performed the work.
  4. Do your homework. Give yourself time to shop around for best prices and selection of materials as well as the right professions to get the job done right.
  5. Make sure your budget accommodates unforeseen expenses,especially with older homes. Once walls start coming down or plumbing is uncovered there may be nasty surprises that will need to be brought up to code.
  6. With any home improvement consider how long you plan to be in your home. If you know you will be in your home more than 5 years from now your home remodel may be different than someone who is planning to sell this year.
  7. Make sure you renovate the parts of your home that home buyers are interested in. Kitchen renovations and bath remodels will get you the best return on your investment.
  8. Get inspired ahead of time. Seek out ideas from magazines,showrooms or swatches from your favourite paint store. The more you accomplish ahead of time translates into less stress when the project begins.
  9. Patience is required! Be realistic with timelines. Kitchen renovations that we see on HGTV that are accomplished in one episode are not realistic. You may be looking at several months if you are tackling a major home improvement and 6-12 weeks for a kitchen.
  10. Keep positive and excited . When that dream project is complete you can sit back and enjoy!

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