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Kitchen Style File

Kitchen Design Ideas and Tips

Luxuriate in Kitchen Remodeling Ideas that compliment your taste.

At Kitchen’s Etc. we invite you to bring your own “Kitchen Style File” to us – full of your kitchen design dreams. Our Kitchen Designer brings your ideas alive and suggests the following kitchen design tips to get you started.

When you are contemplating a new kitchen design in Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Durham and throughout the Greater Toronto Area, but are not sure where to begin, obtain a binder or scrapbook and on the first page of your “Kitchen Style File” think about these helpful questions that may make your decisions easier.

Questions to consider…

  1. How long do I plan to stay in my home?
  2. What is my decorating or interior style?
    • Contemporary
    • Traditional
    • Classic
    • Modern
    • Urban
  3. Do I want to match my interior style with my exterior style?
  4. Do I need an open concept space and/or a functional space?
  5. Is my kitchen messy because there is not enough storage space?
  6. How many cooks will be in my kitchen at the same time?
  7. How frequently do I entertain?
  8. What other activities take place in my kitchen?
  9. What colors attract me? Light or dark?
  10. What type of kitchen cabinetry do I prefer?
  11. What type of countertops appeal to me when I first walk in the kitchen?
  12. What type of floor do I want to walk on and admire every day?


Some of these questions may be answered before you begin your journey, and others may be answered once you do your research and speak with our kitchen design professionals. So, let’s begin filling your “ Kitchen Style File” with ideas from the following resources…

Ideas from my kitchen resources…

  1. Review Kitchen Design Magazines or Interior Design Magazines
    • Cut out various clippings that appeal to you.
    • You may admire the countertop in one kitchen and the kitchen cabinetry in another kitchen.
    • Make notes on the side of each clipping emphasizing which design elements you like from your various resources.
  2. Take Interior Photos of different kitchen designs that match your style.
    • Visit several real estate open houses.
    • Capture ideas when you visit friend’s homes
    • Visit kitchen showrooms and compare quality & creativity.
  3. Construct a “Colour & Finish Chart” of various colour combinations that match your style and compliment your home.
    • Cut clippings of colour combinations from magazines.
    • Visit paint stores and ask for colour chips that best suit your look.
    • Collect samples of kitchen cabinetry finishes that blend in with your interior style.
  4. Pre-plan the functional layout of your kitchen to enhance your lifestyle.
    • With your designer, plan the layout of your sink, fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher for effective functionality.
    • If additional storage space is required, research kitchen cabinetry designs
    • Decide whether you need kitchen renovations to increase your interior kitchen design.
    • Review various kitchen islands of cabinetry and countertops that support informal dining in addition to a “sit-in” kitchen table
  5. Kitchen Countertops sometimes lead your design choices so consider all the various finishes available. With your kitchen designer, research finishes such as Granite, Quartz and Laminate.
    • With your kitchen designer, research finishes such as Granite, Quartz, Laminate, Tile or Butcher Block. (not sure) Decide whether you need
    • Determine the durability, and whether you prefer natural stone and wood countertops, or laminate countertops that represent wood or stone.
  6. Prepare Kitchen Measurements before visiting a Kitchen Showroom and Kitchen Designer.
    • Measure your kitchen from wall to wall.
    • Measure from floor to ceiling and floor to bulkhead.
    • Illustrate kitchen wall outlets.
    • Indicate window openings, the type of trim and how they open.
    • Indicate door openings, the type of trim and how they open.
    • Take a wide shot photo and 4 close-up angles of your existing kitchen.

We thank you for reviewing our “Kitchen Style File” Tips. Please ask us how we can help you build and design the kitchen of your dreams.

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